Securing Priceless and Valuable Belongings with Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is finding its great utility in everyday life since it offers great way to safe and secure the priceless valuables and belongings. Asset tracking enable you to mark and trace down the exact location of your high value assets ensuring the security and safety of your items providing ultimate peace of mind. Equipped with superb and extraordinary attributes like fire resistant GPS and hibernation feature offered by tracker of high value items i.e. when no motion and movement is under monitoring keep the power reserves unused.

From needle to aircraft every asset can be tracked down now easily. Ranging from individual to a giant multinational empire everyone is interested in the maximum safety of their valuable goods and shipments. Indeed modern developments and technologies should be given huge round of applause for making our lives easier. Now you can avail the feature track package with GPS offered by many shipment firms to place a keen monitoring and locating the exact route of your shipment.

Methods for Asset Tracking

For the purpose of external tracking of tangible assets two popular methods normally employed are:

• Scanning attached bar codes like QR code labels that are attached to assets. Smart phones equipped with cameras and sophisticated apps can quickly and easily scan bar-codes. The purpose can also be well achieved by bar-code scanners.

• Broadcasting the exact location of assets that are in the course of shipment and transportation via tags employing GPS or RFID. Combination of satellite phone/ mobile phone technology with GPS technology forms the fundamental principal for GPS asset trackers.

However internal asset tracking is achieved by:
• IR along with WI-Fi technology is extensively employed for asset tracking within an organization

• For more precision and accuracy Bluetooth technology can also be employed, although the prime motive of Bluetooth was not localization.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

Trackers of high value items can be used frequently every now and then for different batches of asset tracking. You can now mark the safety zone for your particular or all assets. As soon as the asset leaves the identified premises you will be shortly notified either through SMS or E-mail. Featured with panic button and other modified sensors emergency situations and uninviting circumstances can be addressed instantly with these asset trackers.

Now issues like theft and stolen assets, lost luggage, missing shipment and other similar issues can be dealt easily with the use of asset tracker device attached to your items. Accurate and timely information about your valuables spare your mind from any sort of tension.

Track Package with GPS

It is possible now to track package with GPS technology. The feature is awesome when the valuable assets are in transit. Such outstanding feature saves the client from hassle and he is in a better position to track down the assets on maps knowing the exact route followed by the shipping company. With the help of tablets and Smart phones other features like history record, zone alerts ad live tracking is also achievable. Trackers attached to the shipment provide endless possibilities pertaining to uncountable logistics safety scenarios like:

• Keeping an eye on national and international shipments
• Tracking pallets and skids
• Spotting stolen and missing items
• Following containerized cargo

Perks and benefits of asset tracking are unsurpassable. Where it gives individual peace of mind in efficiently managing assets, it also gives companies competitive advantage by saving huge chunk of money and time. In addition lowering of administrative cost, aligning long terms business goals and improved customer services are indirect benefits associated with efficient asset tracking.

Asset Tracking

Keep Your Assets Safe No Matter Where They are with Asset Tracking

asset tracking system

Whether you have highly sensitive industrial equipment that needs to be transported internationally, or just want to keep track of your business computer, asset tracking will give you the opportunity to have eyes wherever your assets are. Asset tracking is a customized GPS solution which can track your assets globally with the help of GPS with inbuilt sensors. Modern tracking technology allows you to use your GPS trackers to track any asset in the air or under water, using strong satellite signals broadcast to you from your battery-powered asset tracking GPS system. Considering environmental conditions, you must ensure to get water proof GPS.
It allows you to streamline your logistics management systems and helps you to minimize any asset losses.

Why Do You Need Asset Tracking?

If your asset tracking system is properly implemented, it will streamline your services, lower administrative costs, increase organization and efficiency, ensure accountability, allowing you to reduce asset loss, and improve customer service. You will also need to have an asset tracking system in order for your business to receive certain certifications. Or, if you’re using asset tracking to keep an eye on your private fixed assets, you can save time and money, while you know that your assets are safe and secure.
Simply put, life would be very difficult without an asset tracking system.

Amazing Features of Asset Tracking

You want to know that all of your assets are safe, but you don’t want the hassle that comes with keeping track of them manually. Asset tracking is a customized GPS solution which is simple and convenient to use. It uses its own battery, and doesn’t take a lot of work to get started. It delivers reports on any and all of your fixed assets.

It is easy to choose whether you want standard reports from your GPS trackers, or specialized reports tailored specifically to your business or private assets. On the other hand, you don’t want to struggle with the management of all of your critical reports, but you don’t have to. Use your ATS to automatically schedule which reports you want hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, to make sure that you have all of the information you need, and none of the information you don’t. You can also receive immediate feedback when something happens to your assets if you choose to link your ATS device with a digital notification engine. Furthermore, it allows you to centralize all of your contracts, licenses, and service agreements, meaning that you will not lose sight of any of your contracts and will be able to manage them efficiently.

ATS is a simple solution for a wide range of issues, and it has a lot of benefits. However, it is cost-efficient, and won’t cost a fortune to maintain. So, for an easy solution that will make your life much easier, use asset tracking to keep an eye on all of the important assets in your business, or your home.


Asset Tracking Solution for Security Application


Thanks to the global coverage, mobile tracking is an excellent choice for monitoring of all working parameters starting with fleet management and the track of mobile assets, all the way to optimization of the overall professional activity. Many companies testify of the wide range of advantages of asset tracking solution. They include costs efficiency, an increase of productivity, and accurate information about asset’s location at any time. It is less known that asset tracking solution may just be ideal for security applications. If motion and impact detection had been activated, you’ll receive an immediate notification if your asset moves unexpectedly from its location. This way you can take precautions that will keep your asset safe from stealing. In short, 24/7 asset visibility is guaranteed. You can track the asset all the way to its destination or on its return. If something happens unexpectedly, you will know it instantly.

GPS Solutions

Optimizing and Improving Fleet Management with GPS Solutions

Fleet management and GPS platform go hand in hand if the key consideration is achieving maximum benefits and perks of the business concerning heavy transportation. Businesses inevitably need strong spine tampered with GPS Solutions, to give firm backing and support to overall Fleet management since huge investment is made in commercial trucks, aircraft, cars and other motor vehicles. Adopting and employing tailor-made GPS design and development by reliable GPS Manufacturer will give endless benefits and possibilities to your business and your productivity can be increased by manifolds.

Basic Functions of Fleet Management
Proficient and proper utilization of fleets’ vehicles and possession is the prime and foremost function of fleet

Other basic functions include:

• maintenance of vehicles
• vehicle financing
• fuel management
• vehicle tracking
• diagnostics
• driver management
• health and safety management

Effectiveness and productivity can be monitored till the vehicle remains within company’s premises but once they leave the business’s premises sophisticated tools like GPS solutions are definitely required to keep efficient working intact. Fleet management and other civil applications find GPS solutions a great way by employing either one or all components of GPS including time transfer, relative movement and absolute location.

Advantages of Using GPS Solutions
Competition in transportation and fleet management industry is getting fiercer day by day and customer has got unlimited options at his disposal. To beat the heat of this intense competition GPS Solutions can prove to be defining instrument of achieving competitive advantage over other. Some of defining benefits are stated below:

1. GPS tracking has enabled drivers to exercise more vigilance while driving since they know that they are under consistent monitoring. Also they feel more secure as they are aware that roadside assistance and immediate help can reach them in any emergency circumstances.
2. Fuel costs are although determined by international market but you can save the wastage by employing GPS solutions. Since the issues that persisted in back days like over speeding by driver, misuse of vehicles, lacking efficiency in routing vehicles and vehicle idling is no more issue now with these latest technologies.
3. A remarkable decline is observed in the theft and stolen cases about the vehicles belonging to fleet companies that have equipped their motor vehicles with GPS tracking.
4. Fleet management and GPS platform is reported to cut down operational cost by a considerable amount since the ultimate objective is to leave no room for inefficiencies and delayed workings.
5. GPS design and Development is subject to change with the evolution of new technologies and techniques as per the need of the hour. GPS manufacturers are well versed about the rising demand of their products and services so they keep on improving their products and services to increase productivity and working capacity of fleet management businesses.

Main Features Offered by GPS Manufacturers

GPS manufacturers make use of known positions via specially designed satellites. Atomic clocks of greater stability are carried by these satellites that are linked and synchronized with ground clocks as well as with one and other. In comparison with the satellite clocks, GPS receiver clock did not show remarkable precision and less reliable. Continuous transmission of data about current place and time improves the precision of GPS tracking systems. Frequently available features are:
1. Speed warning alerts
2. Vocal intimation about places and street names
3. Provision of reality view

Add few dollars to your budget and you can be benefited from following add-on features like:

Availability of FM receiver to access information about traffic
1. Integration of car’s sound system with wireless FM transmitter
2. Connectivity via Bluetooth
3. Weather reports, internet searches and other traffic services might cost business extra subscription fee charged annually or monthly but are very fruitful both in short and long term.