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Advantages of Vehicle Tracking System

Innovative Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) are designed to assist in monitoring the fleet smartly. With various smart tracking solutions available in the market today, one can now do much more than just track the vehicles. You too can cut down the operating costs and enhance productivity of your business with smart vehicle fleet management systems. These days, vendors put together a vehicle tracking system software in the form of a mobile app that enables customers to monitor the status of their fleet on the go. Some of the key advantages of VTS are highlighted as follows.

Improving the productivity –

Vehicle Tracking System have been designed with a view to assist fleet managers in extracting the optimum profitability from their fleet. Real time vehicle tracking and trip management will help in stepping up the number of trips/jobs completed per day, thereby increasing the productivity of the business. Fleet operators can easily get the important data through the vehicle tracking system to effectively manage the drivers. It is also possible to analyze the data to identify scenarios where unproductive effort is taking place.

Reduces the fuel consumption-

Real time vehicle tracking with a VTS can identify key factors such as mileage, stop-over time, engine idling and excessive speeding. These analytics can in turn help the fleet managers in reducing fuel expenses by properly monitoring driver behaviour, making quick and informed decisions whenever required. Reducing the fuel consumption is essential to improve the profitability and a VTS system can certainly serve that purpose.

Provides a way to make an in-depth analysis-

The real time data collected through Vehicle Tracking System can be processed to provide business owners with a deep insight into their operations. Fleet operators can analyze the movement of staffs and vehicles. Other than that, vehicle tracking software also keeps a record of the hours spent by the drivers behind the wheel. This data is of great importance to the managers in determining whether or not the working time guidelines have been met.

Ensuring the safety of the drivers-

The vehicle tracking system software outlines the behaviour and movement of each driver in the fleet. If by chance, any kind of anomalies are detected such as entry into unauthorized areas, excessive speeding, unsafe driving behaviour, etc, appropriate actions could be taken to prevent the possibility of a mishap. The vehicle tracking software is designed to send SMS alerts during any kind of emergencies.

Lowering the Insurance costs-

Insurance companies offer special discounts (about 5-12%) for vehicles that are equipped with vehicle tracking systems. This is because such a vehicle has lesser chances of being stolen. Thus the operating costs spent on paying insurance premiums for the entire fleet of vehicles can be reduced considerably. In addition to this, it is also much easier to trace and recover a stolen vehicle.

Resolve disputes related to billing-

In case of any billing dispute between the fleet management company and it customers, the Vehicle tracking software provides accurate the arrival and departure time of the vehicle. It helps to resolve the billing issues resulting in faster payments of pending bills.

Improves Customer Service-

Customer satisfaction holds the key to success and VTS has the potential to improve customer satisfaction. Real time vehicle tracking allows the management to respond to crucial emergency situations promptly. The communication with both the customers and drivers regarding the service call can be improved with the help of vehicle tracking system.

Reduces the overall maintenance costs-

Sticking to a scheduled maintenance program is important to reduce the M&R costs. Vehicle tracking software can generate automatic reports which can classify a vehicle based on various parameters such as miles driven, running time, etc. Based on these parameters, a maintenance schedule can be worked upon. A timely maintenance schedule can reduce maintenance costs by up to 20%.