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Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Secure Your Vehicle with Most Effective Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Are you managing a fleet and looking to improve your bottom line? Look to the vehicle tracking solution that best meets your needs and solves the problems draining your profits. Knowing where your assets are, and being able to dispatch them in an efficient manner is a strong profit producer. Enjoy greater customer satisfaction, faster customer service and increased customer loyalty. Management efficiency will also translate into dollars when oversight is improved with vehicle GPS tracker. Vehicle tracking solutions provided by leading vehicle tracker can offer instant feedback on driver location, routes used, fuel levels and fuel usage, engine temperature, engine rpm, air condition on/off status and much more.
Mileage Savings

The technology in the car tracking device that has taken the world by storm has grown up. Vehicle trackers utilize this technology to direct drivers to locations without side tracking or lost time. Management could re-assign drivers in real time and deliver superior customer response. With the help of these vehicle tracking solutions you always know where your drivers are.You can monitor driving behavior, fuel usage, excessive idling, and so on. You can also make real-time adjustments to schedules that save time and money.

Increased Safety and Reduced Maintenance Costs

The vehicle GPS tracker can give feedback in real time on emergency button status, tire pressure, oil pressure, glass and door open/close, altitude, satellite overview, engine idling, headlights, taillights, battery status and breaking capacity. This allows for greater control over payroll dollars by more effectively and pro-actively controlling mechanical maintenance. Maintenance can be scheduled to use labor hours effectively.

Tracking systems also increase safety by ensuring that vehicle is properly maintained and all safety features are in working order. By finding the right vehicle tracking solutions you also ensure safety because the tracking allows for quick response to any emergency which leads to fewer damages.

Insurance Savings

There are a number of ways that insurance costs can reduce by vehicle tracking solutions. First, the increase in driver monitoring ensures great driver safety enforcement. Improved mechanical monitoring and maintenance reduces costs because the vehicles are in prime condition and less likely to result in a breakdown and cause an accident or a delivery delay. However, more importantly for insurers is car tracking device’s ability to cut losses. The usual vehicle tracking solutions include GPRS tracking to aid in vehicle and/or cargo recovery. Vehicle tracking also offers engine shut off, door locking, brake locking and other features to disable any vehicle. These protections are theft deterrents and enable authorities to recover property. A fleet, and the components of that are a huge corporate asset and keeping that asset, tracking that asset, and recovering that asset all benefit the bottom line.

Customized Tracking Solutions

Vehicle tracking solutions can be customized to your specific needs. They can be passive where they simply collect data for future downloading. They can be active providing real time information. They can be as sophisticated as you need. More and more industries are using GPS tracking because it makes good business sense. You can go from the very simple system to a system that allows your customers map access to track their shipment every inch of the way. Set your bottom line goals and work with a trusted vendor to create just what you need to improve that bottom line.