Keeping Track Of Vehicle with GPS Tracking Devices – Pros and Cons

Technology today has made it easier to keep track and find vehicles no matter where they are. This is necessary, whether you are an automobile vendor or just a concerned parent. There are two main types of vehicle tracking devices.

GPS Loggers

Also called Passive vehicle GPS tracking devices, these trackers are attached in the vehicle, taking record of the vehicles’ location at regular intervals. This information is then saved on the tracker which usually has a memory saving feature. The vehicle’s location (s) can be called up whenever the tracker is connected into a device. GPS loggers are best used for multiple car owners as it also keeps record of other information like speed.

Pros of Passive Vehicle Trackers

There are several advantages to this type of vehicle tracker. Namely:

a. These GPS tracking devices are user friendly thus easy to learn and use.

b. Information is easily accessible due to data being saved on the vehicle GPS tracker.

c. It is the most affordable in the market, not needing any other payment after purchase.

d. They can be kept on the exterior or interior of the vehicle as they are weatherproof.

Cons of Passive Vehicle Trackers

Here are the disadvantages of this type of vehicle tracking device:

a. You need to always wait for the vehicle to be present before you can have access to its location which means you cannot find at the exact moment you need to.

b. Due to the device having to be removed every time data needs to be retrieved, this can be physically stressful.

c. The right equipment is needed to read this as the trackers are not universally compatible with all computers.
Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker
These vehicle tracking devices, also called Active trackers, are a good choice for personal car owners as they keep up a steady stream of vehicle’s location by sending constant location information to your computer or phone. This vehicle GPS tracker can also send the vehicles speed, among other information.

Pros of Active Vehicle Trackers

a. The vehicle’s location can be accessed immediately as there is no need to wait for the vehicle to be physically present.

b. There is no need to detach this device to access information, making it less stressful physically.

c. Compatibility issues with these GPS tracking devices do not arise as information is sent via the Internet.

Cons of Active Vehicle Trackers

a. This is more expensive than the passive type as you have to subscribe to a service.

b. It would be difficult to use in cases where stealth is needed as it has to be plugged into the USB port.

c. Without a logging feature, only the vehicle’s present (real time) location can be seen.

Use of GPS tracking devices is essential regardless of being an individual or a company. In the event your vehicle or equipment is lost or stolen, vehicle tracking devices make your chance of recovery higher, saving you time and money.

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