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Vehicle surveillance
With 3G connectivity, live mapping has become a boon for GPS tracking. With this technology managers can have a strong connection with a more accurate view of where all fleet vehicles are located. There are also options to pre-set a geo-fence or designated area in which certain (or all) vehicles are allowed to be in and they can be set at specific times. This helps provide alerts if vehicles are ever taken outside of their geo-fences when you know they are supposed to be parked. If a vehicle is ever taken, GPS tracking would help to track down the stolen vehicle before the thief could get too far.
Your fleets hold a lot of value for your company and if you don’t have GPS tracking your company runs the risk of spending more company cash on replacement vehicles and higher insurance premiums and thereby run an increased risk of decreasing your bottom line. Money shelled out for replacement vehicles is more expensive than prevention. If you feel that deterring theft of fleet vehicles is important then GPS tracking can do wonders for you. Keep your company’s income where it needs to be and protect assets at the same time with GPS tracking.
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