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GPS Tracking System Platform App

Our new  GPS Tracking System is the result of Betaar3’s innovative vision for a foundation that utilizes in-depth analytics to provide a variety of solutions that our customers can use to optimize their mobile fleet and workforce. Our customers can use our platform to manage their mobile assets far more efficiently. Overall, our different solutions can provide those tasked with managing a fleet of service vehicles to optimize output, maximize profit, and minimize losses efficiently and easily!       Ashe Dougra, the CEO of Betaar3, has seen a steady increase in profits for businesses that have utilized the new “SAPPHIRE” platform:

i>“Modern businesses based in the service sector have reached new heights in their profit margins pertaining to their mobile vehicular workforce using ‘SAPPHIRE’.” –Ashe Dougra, C.E.O.

No matter how big or small, any business that uses service vehicles can use Betaar3’s tracking solutions to cut down on costs and boost the amount of profit each vehicle earns. It may not look like a lot when you look at each vehicle, but let it go unchecked and tiny losses per vehicle can accumulate to profit draining amounts.

We provide superior profit maximizing solutions by giving customers up to the minute data about how their business is performing, how their performance has evolved over time, and how different types of performance data compares with that of competing businesses. Over the past few years we have accumulated a huge amount of data, and we use this data to help us innovate and improve the products that we provide.

Our delivery model allows you to set up the product you purchase in no time with no upfront investment needed, unlike the delivery models of other companies. You will start seeing a significant return on your investment in a matter of weeks!

We also have an award winning customer service department that is designed to help and train our customers in the use of our platform for free! We make sure that our customers know how to use our “SAPPHIRE” platform  to the fullest of its capabilities in order to gain the maximum benefits from the solutions we provide.

GPS Tracking System Platform on real time

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