The management team at Betaar comprises seasoned experts in the embedded technology domain. This team of experts founded and started Betaar in an effort to provide cutting edge staff productivity solutions that raise customer satisfaction scores while minimizing costs and raising productivity across field staff. Here is a list of the management team members:

  • C.E.O.: Mr. Ashe Dougra

    Having had over 20 years of experience with various industry verticals and various spheres such as strategic planning, business development, sales and marketing, Mr. Dougra is a seasoned businessperson who knows what it takes to propel any business forward. His thorough understanding of various business cultures across localities coupled with his cross-functional experience has helped infuse Betaar3’s products and technologies with a profound value-add.

  • Vice President – Marketing: Mr. Meyer Fallas

    Mr. Meyer Fallas is a veteran in the sales and marketing domain and brings over 30 years of experience to the table. Besides his intensive experience in sales as well as marketing, it is his exposure to diverse industry verticals and domains that make him a force to reckon with in the marketing domain.

  • Technical Director: Dr. Anil K. Dogra

    With an impressive career spanning 36 years Dr. Dogra has pursued a successful career in the scientific domains. His widespread expertise in domains like engineering and project management and subjects related to process control engineering, Embedded Systems, information management systems, computer simulation modeling etc. has helped him develop a keen insight into various software, hardware and computer networking systems. He specializes in man-machine interactions as well as automation process control mechanisms which further provides an added dimension to his expertise and knowledge. His experience with handling various workflow and fund flow management systems, information system managements and accounting system live projects and even web-based supply chain integration has made him an authority on the subject.

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Carlos Gorrichategui:

    With an impressive career spanning several years, Dr. Gorrichategui has a profound understanding of the dynamics that propel technologies, industries and companies. He has worked with leading companies such as NextTechs Technologies LLC, Technology Tree Group Inc. and even held the post of lecturer at the University of Houston. His thorough understanding of quantitative analysis and scientific research enabled him to perform due diligence checks on 1500 technologies at Technology Tree Group.
    Mr. Robert Miller and Mr. Deepak Sharma also have an intensive experience in the embedded technology and software domains and bring several years of experience to Betaar.

  • Dr. Sharat M. AIRANI:

    Key focus on strategy, creating business value with Business IT Strategy, Customer Satisfaction, and IT lead business innovation and transformation. Lead team focusing on results and execution. Focus on driving technology and enabling business with improved customer satisfaction while reducing operational IT budgets. Experience in leading teams across diverse technologies and systems ensuring effective adoption and benefit.

  • Honored for our Innovative Solution for School Bus Tracking to improve the safety and security of students.

  • Award Winning Service Since 2004 providing Location based solutions to Global Clients.

  • SMARTSERVICES II Services Betaar3 We have studied and adopted best business practices of several thousand clients to help improve Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) to manage their mobile field staff on the fly. Our newly launched SmartServices II can stream line your operation and maintaining a strong relationship with your clients. Read More...