Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Now Betaar3 offer its latest platform “Sapphire” to manage your fleet. Bring more transparency in your business with features line real time tracking, alerts, user-friendly reports, and virtual fencing. You can improve efficiency many folds and save big to directly impacting your bottom line.

Fleet Management System
GPS fleet tracking


GPS Fleet Tracking Increases Productivity

There are many advantages of GPS fleet tracking but they all can be described with these words – optimization of your business. Evolved technology clearly adds to the increase of productivity of your company, lowers risks, and affects costs efficiency. GPS fleet tracking solution offers you to take the complete control of your fleet that spares your nerves, brings peace to your mind, and ensures legal compliance. It is always an excellent investment since it enables your resources to work at full capacity. Fleet tracking solution optimizes also driver efficiency providing less overtime and less unauthorized use. As a result, you’ll lower fuel usage. This substantial fuel saving is important for the preservation of the environment as well.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Your fleet may be located in far flung areas and sometimes it is hard to get the information about the exact location. With GPS fleet tracking it is not an issue anymore. At any time of the day and night, you can lean on the benefits of fleet tracking solution. Some of them are:

  • Precise insight into vehicle’s location
  • Tracking of the daily activity
  • Look on driver’s behavior.

It is all very important to provide cost effective business. The real time tracking also plays a role in solving potential problems, such as necessary change of the route in the case of heavy weather conditions or some unexpected troubles on the road.

GPS Fleet Tracking Minimizes Risks

Empowered by GPS fleet tracking your business can continue to work safe and efficient. Distribution, tracking, and managing of all deliveries become simpler than ever, and risks are minimized. GPS fleet tracking solution is flexible and adaptable so you can easily integrate it with other compartments. A wide set of characteristics is not at all hard to operate. Just the opposite, it is as simple as it could be so you can manage your fleet and drivers from daily activities to final reports. You will also have all necessary data to analyze safety conditions which are equally important for your fleet, drivers, and deliveries.

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