SmartServices1. We implemented SmartServices II about a year ago, managing field staff has become easier and ever more interesting. No more calls to field staff to know their location and work status. Real time information has changed our way of doing business. There has been about 40 % increase in attending customer’s calls, reduced over-time and faster cash flow giving us opportunity to expand….Allen J. Ballenger , CEO of Data Tech Services, Houston, Texas

Tracking System1. Fleet Management system is one of the best technologies I have ever implemented. My employees are really motivated since the time we introduced Vehicle Tracking System. All fleet related information is on my tips with Betaar3’s mobile app. It helps me make decisions faster. It has helped us to improve the overall efficiency resulting in high customer satisfaction, reduced payroll and improved bottom line. Robert Miller, Owner of Buddy’s Trucking, California

2. Timely delivery is important in seafood business. With Vehicle tracking system, we are able to monitor our vehicles, redirect them to meet last minute client’s needs. It has helped to improve work culture in the company as all information is flowing in real time. No more waiting of delivery vans to come with days’ activity. This has helped us saving time, improve efficiency resulting in increased business as well…….. Southwest Seafood, Houston, Texas

School Application1. We use to get several hundred calls every morning and afternoon when students were bused to and fro from anxious parents who wanted to know the location of their child. With Betaar3’s School Bus Tracking system these calls have reduced to less than 15 per day.

Now parents are getting SMS when their child boards or de-boards the bus.It is a great peace of mind for parents. Betaar3 school bus tracking system also provides pictures of students from moving bus for safety and security of students. This has give school management and parents a great relief in so many ways says J.P Sharma, director St. Christopher Public School, Raipur, India

2. Truly a smart tracking system. We recently introduced the system and everyone loved it. SMS to parents, student’s pictures from moving bus and real time location of buses. Now parents have mobile app available which gives them real time information about their child. The transparent approach of this system has enhanced the comfort level of school authorities and parents says principal of St John International School, Ashbury, England

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