Scheduling of Field Staff

Scheduling your mobile staff starts as simple task. Manager or dispatch personnel can see the available field workers on Betaar3 platform and assign them the work orders from office PC to their Smartphone. In case of changes made by customer or urgent requirement by a client, whole scheduling process requires modification. It use to takes hours worth of calling to sort out the issues but now Betaar3 platform knows the location of each field worker and open time slots. Without playing frustrating phone tags, now rescheduling has become easy and you can accept more emergency appointment resulting in more satisfied customers.

Time Attendance

Now Mobile employees can mark their attendance with their Smartphone. Betaar3 SmartServices II offers available and unavailable option on handset. When an employee makes himself available, he is marked clocked-in and when he makes himself unavailable, he will be marked clocked-out. This in and out time makes a attendance report for payroll purposes. Tracking feature is only activated once employee makes himself available.

This is an important feature to maintain employee’s privacy. Once he clocks-out, tracking is disabled. Now employee can’t be tracked during his off time.

  • Honored for our Innovative Solution for School Bus Tracking to improve the safety and security of students.

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  • SMARTSERVICES II Services Betaar3 We have studied and adopted best business practices of several thousand clients to help improve Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) to manage their mobile field staff on the fly. Our newly launched SmartServices II can stream line your operation and maintaining a strong relationship with your clients. Read More...