• GoTrack EZ 3 Months Bundle (Sale Pricing!)

  • GoTrack EZ 3 Months Bundle (Sale Pricing!)

  • GoTrack EZ 3 Months Bundle (Sale Pricing!)

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  • • Unit for $35.49 and a full year data plan for $239.50 plus a one time $25.00 activation fee
  • • Track your vehicle 24/7/365
  • • Works on any PC or MAC with Internet access (also iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry)
  • • Simply plugs into your car OBD-II* port (no tools, no wiring, no antennas)
  • • May reduce insurance rates (contact your insurer)
  • • Displays your vehicle in real time on Google Maps showing speed and direction updated every minute
  • • Shows the "Bread Crumb" trail of where your vehicle has been (up to 180 days)
  • • Alerts you through email that your vehicle has moved, entered a specific location (you can build unlimited locations), exited a specific location, exceeded a speed limit, exceeded maintenance parameters, tampering
  • • Print out, download or email (automatically scheduled) reports for mileage, stops, speeding, idling, locations, etc. for both individuals and fleets
  • • Covers all of the United States (call for Canada and Mexico coverage)
*OBD-II ports are on all passenger vehicles manufactured since 1996
Our Price: $65.00
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