GPS Tracker Meitrack T366G

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The T366G is a vehicle GPS Tracker Meitrack with IP67 water-resistance rating and can be installed into cars, motorcycles, yachts, and boats. It is equipped with built-in GPS and GSM antennas. The unit can work well in extreme environments.

Affordable Price
Keep track of your cars, motorcycles,yachts, and boats for a low cost.
3G (WCDMA) network
Automatic transmission from 3G to 2G network adapts to actual environment.
Sudden acceleration/deceleration alarm
Within 3-axis accelerometer, harsh acceleration/braking alarm can be realized.
IP67 water resistant
Specialized design provides a tough casing that stands up to the elements.

The GPS Tracker Meitrack T366G is one of the newest and talked about GPS trackers from the Meitrack brand. This particular GPS tracker works on the 3G network which offers better signal and faster relay of information, to and from. In the event that the 3G signal is lost or unavailable, the T366G will switch back to the standard 2G until it can pick up a better signal.

The rugged exterior of the T366G earned it the classification of being water resistant with a rating of IP67. Thanks to the rating, the GPS tracker can also be used in aquatic vessels without any problems.

The GPS Tracker Meitrack T366G includes sensors that can help detect abusive driving habits such as sudden acceleration and harsh braking. This feature has been welcomed by many who want to not only monitor their vehicles, but make sure they are not being abused.

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Vehicle GPS Tracker Meitrack T366G
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  • Affordable GPS Tracker
  • Polygon Geo-Fences
  • 3G network
  • GPS Logging
  • IP67 water resistant
  • Sudden Acceleration Alarm
  • Harsh Braking Alarm
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