Medi-Alert System

Betaar3 Medi-Alert System

There is no doubt that caring for a person with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be frustrating and difficult. But it can also be rewarding. Solving problems and becoming confident in knowing how to give care can provide anyone with a great sense of satisfaction.

Much of what we know comes from the experiences of family and professional caregivers. Together, we are all learning how to deal with the challenges of this disease.

The home is an important place for everyone. For the person with dementia, a familiar environment can help to connect with the past and maintain a sense of who he is. However, some practical changes may need to be made to keep the home “dementia-friendly.”

People with dementia can become lost even in familiar places. If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, the scenario you likely fear most involves that person getting lost and coming to harm. Now with Betaar3 Medi-Alert system, there’s an effective way to identify the person who is lost and his location to bring the family back together.

Betaar3 Medi-Alert System can help Care-Givers find a lost patient’s location in minutes. It is a great relief to care-givers who are currently traumatized when a patient loses his way, family of patient is devastated with this news and patient himself who goes through this painful ordeal unknowingly.

Each Care-home or family member who subscribes to Betaar3 Medi-Alert System has access to Betaar3 portal. Family and Care-Homes can track all their patients who are carrying/wearing the small device. These devices are light weight and user friendly.

A small carrying device can help to locate lost person. Any authorize person can log in to his Betaar3 account and see the location of the
patient if he is carry the above device. This compact carrying unit is water resistant, has an emergency button, two way conversation, listen in feature. Newly designed Medi-Alert 90 has longer battery life which can last up to 10 days in sleep mode.

Find the Real Time location of Lost Patient

A Caregiver can log in to Betaar3 System and track each person carrying that device. Each red icon represents a single device. One can see real time location (about 60 seconds delay) of lost person. This gives great relief to care-givers, peace of mind to family members and safety & security of patients.

The most important goal of this system is to maintain the dignity, safety and rights of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Provide them protection when they are distort, in state of confusion, unaware about the surrounding and totally dependent.

Virtual Fence around Care-Home

A virtual fence can be created around care home by setting distance parameters. Once the patient crosses this fence, the system will generate an alert in form of text message and e mail which will be sent to pre-defined mobile numbers. This will help Care-Givers to act as soon as incident happens without delay. There is option to send these alert e mails and text messages to multiple people.

Betaar3 is a California based software company focused on location based services and Wireless Productivity Solutions. It is founded by a management team of software engineers with decades of experience in the most innovative cutting edge technologies.

More than 5 million Americans now have Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia. Betaar3 has developed Medi-Alert System by integrating cutting edge technology to help and improve quality of life of such patients. This gives a helpful tool to caregivers to provide 24 X 7 care without fear of patient walking away or losing his way back. For more information, you can contact

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