School Bus Tracking

Real time school bus tracking system


School bus tracking system

Betaar3 offers a state-of-the-art school bus tracking system for the safety and security of students. We offer an end-to-end school bus monitoring system with high quality GPS devices and other accessories.

Our school bus tracking software has been integrated with a GPS device containing an IR camera and a RFID reader. The GPS tracker is installed securely to provide uninterrupted data in real-time.

Every student is provided with his or her own ID card that is flashed to the RFID reader while boarding and de-boarding the school bus. The presence in the bus is then marked in real-time. Also, a text message is instantly sent to the parent of each student to notify that their child is already on board the bus. This same process goes when students get off the bus.

Parents can be at peace knowing the real-time whereabouts of their children. For schools, this is undoubtedly a valuable solution to ensure the students’ safety and security.

The 2014 CIO 100 Awards selected our company for an award for innovative ways to deliver IT advantages to schools and enterprises with Betaar3’s  “Vehicle Tracking System”.

School authorities can now monitor:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Unauthorized stops
  • Pictures from moving buses
  • Real-time information about each student boarding and de-boarding the school bus
  • SMS to parents confirming about their children boarding and de-boarding the school bus.
  • No more calls from anxious parents to know the location of their child in case of delay.
  • Award-winning customer support.
  • User friendly platform providing multiple functionalities and reports.
  • Betaar3 is one of the most systematized school bus tracking service providers. Whenever you need us, we’ll be readily available to activate your security to the fullest. With Betaar3‘s, school bus tracking app, you can have peace of mind and an easing sense of relief.
  • Honored for our Innovative Solution for School Bus Tracking to improve the safety and security of students.

  • Award Winning Service Since 2004 providing Location based solutions to Global Clients.

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