Smart Construction Site

At many places, laws and regulations can restrict the number of hours a day an operator can work on a machine or the time of day in which construction work is allowed. Managers can monitor the stop and start time for equipment use, so you know when your crews are active and they are within regulatory parameters.

Re-allocate Assets
Betaar3 empowers project manager to see real time multiple construction sites and utilization chart of multiple equipments on a single screen. This can help of re-allocate underutilized assets to other construction sites where they can be utilized in optimal level. Moving around asset inventory was never so easy. This can save lot of money for the company directly impacting bottom line profits.

Betaar3 Construction Solution offers:
Web-Based Sapphire Platform to manage your smart fleet.

Time & Attendance with an in-vehicle solution that eliminates paper time tracking methods and delivers significant cost savings in the process.

Engine Maintenance
Alerts you in real-time if one of your engines produces a fault code, helping you avoid costly repairs.

Intelligent Reporting

Betaar3 offers multiple reports to understand and analyze you operations. These reports as well as real time data can be exported to SAP, Oracle app or any CRM solution.

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