Vehicle Tracking System

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Vehicle Tracking System
Betaar3’s Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) offers smart solution for your fleet monitoring requirement. With our Sapphire Platform you can now get lot more than location of your vehicles.

Increases Fleet Productivity
Betaar3’s VTS helps reduce costs, increase productivity and ease processes. Real-time location and trip management helps increase productivity and thereby increase the number of jobs completed per day. One can directly communicate with drivers and field staff that help in managing the fleet of vehicles effectively.

Reduced Fuel Consumption
Real-time monitoring helps identify mileage, stop-over, engine idling, excessive speeding and vehicle maintenance. These reports help in reducing fuel costs by reducing unauthorized vehicle use, curbing excessive speeding, idling and timely vehicle maintenance. It can decreases vehicle idling times by 50-90% (1 hour idling equals 1 gallon or 4 liters of fuel).

User Friendly Reports
Sapphire offers you user friendly reports to monitor Stop Over, Distance, Speed Alerts,
Route Replay for audit purposes.

Driver Safety
Betaar3’s Driver Management Software gives a complete picture of the driving behaviours of each driver thereby making each trip safe for them. It minimizes vehicle speeding, tracks vehicle progress in unsafe areas, unauthorized areas. It sends text alerts during any emergency.

The virtual fencing of your fleet is done to safeguard the vehicle and to locate its position. Our VTS automatically identifies key locations and categorize them for better management. It sends alerts and real time data of vehicles moving in and out of the virtual fence.

Business Intelligence
The custom reports actually directly affect ROI. Data is converted into useful and actionable intelligence. It helps improve communication between dispatchers and drivers or field technicians. Reduces payroll and overtime costs with more accurate tracking of drivers’ and field technicians’ time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction
Real time alerts reveal crucial information that can help take any preventive action. This helps improve customer service with faster and more accurate response times. It also improves communication with customers and drivers about service call timing. Overall customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Environmental Impact
Proper tracking and maintenance help lower emissions. It identifies and helps in reducing carbon emission causing activities such as speeding, excessive idling and route deviation. The company’s carbon footprint with trip information reports detailing fuel use based on travel, idle and PTO times makes an Environmental Impact.

  • Honored for Innovative Solution for School Bus Tracking to improve safety and security of students.

  • Award Winning Service Since 2004 providing Location based solutions to Global Clients.

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