VTS for Landscaping Fleet

VTS for Landscaping Fleet

Convert Chaos into Clarity and Track Information into Actionable Intelligence
Modern day landscaping operations are incredibly complex; managing the moving parts of your business can be a difficult task.
When the smallest delay can throw your schedule into chaos, Betaar3 Technologies can help going from job site to job site easier than you ever thought possible.

Tracking the landscaping equipment and fleets

Now the ability to track your vehicles and equipment using GPS technology for your landscaping business and getting the data necessary to get the job done faster and more efficiently – while keeping your customers happy.

Pictures from Job Site in Real Time

Attach Picture of Work Done with Invoice: Our landscaping solutions offers a Dashboard Camera with GPS which send the pictures of the job site at desired interval on real time. Our system will send the pictures from your vehicle to client folder automatically. Supervisors can see the work in progress with few clicks as well as monitor the efficiency of the staff.

Reduce billing issues with clients as system will provide before and after work pictures for more transparency along with time stamp.

Protect your Investment in Equipment

Higher volume of jobs can make your equipment spread too thin, which makes lost or stolen items an even bigger concern. With Betaar3 Systems, you’ll know the precise location of your entire fleet of vehicles and equipment in real time. Our Tracking system has the ability to receive power from a vehicle’s engine or an internal battery, so whether it’s a truck or lawnmower, your assets are always remain protected.

Keep your customers happy

Longer than expected time on a job site can disrupt an entire day’s schedule – and make a landscaping team late to their next appointment. It can cost you business big If customers are kept waiting with no updates. With Betaar3 Tracking System a accurate location can be provided of any vehicle at any time, so you can give customers a sense of control over their time, and assurance that they haven’t been forgotten.

Prevent Downtime Loses

Equipment breakdowns can prevent your team completing jobs resulting in loss of revenue. With Betaar3 system you can be made aware of a potential problem in advance and preventative maintenance can keep equipment running smoothly and eliminate delays. Betaar3 Technologies engine diagnostics informs of engine fault codes as they appear, so you can act before your equipment is knocked out of commission.

Ensure what is lost is always found

Landscaping businesses lose millions of dollars due to lost, stolen, or misplaced equipment. Many businesses has unfortunately accepted these loses as just part of doing business. With accurate telemetry provided by Betaar3, you can instantly locate any and all company property and prevent huge losses to your business.

Time & Attendance

Betaar3 offers wireless time and attendance integrated with tracking system. Now you can get accurate working hours in real time which result in significant cost saving in payroll and reduce paper work simplifying accounting process.

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